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Jarred Sutton

Purpose driven development with a focus on design and responsive efficiency at its core.
That is how I build.
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Purpose driven development with a focus on design and responsive efficiency at its core.

That is how I build.


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Fun Fact #1: Did you know that all these background images were shot by Jarred himself? Yep! He also happens to be a published, award and grant winning professional photographer!


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  • Technology & coding mentor for UW FullStack Web Dev. program
  • Instructor & creator of Makerspace.NYC technology program.
  • Teaching Arduino to ages 12-70 together.
  • LittleBits Chapter Leader and Educator.
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  • Graduated University of Washington Full Stack Program - A Avg.
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner and Technical Essentials Certified!
  • Not afraid of new challenges.
  • Building AI/Python skills with Anki Vector Robot.
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  • Intel IoT Innovator Developer Program.
  • Thrown IoT & VR Hackathons w/ sponsorship of Intel, Google & Unity.
  • Founding Director of the City University of New York Technology Incubator.
  • Makerspace.NYC Boardmember.
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  • Global Knowledge Mangement Tech Lead.
  • Global IT Director.
  • Customer Service & Technology Manager for 30+ volunteers & 10,000+ guests.
  • Technical Product manager for Medsight, The Weekender, and 'ALL' applications.
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Fun Fact #2: Want to know a hidden feature of the site? Not sure about every one of the technologies hidden below? Then you are in luck! Click on any of the technologies and a pop over will come out to learn more. Just click away from it to dismiss. Input... I mean, knowledge is power, enjoy!



arduino raspberry pi circuits breadboarding soldering iot 3d printing Anki little bits sensors edison up board


node javascript react css html firebase python github handlebars plotly.js aws express js jquery MongoDB MongoDB Rest APIs AJAX Mocha Chai Scratch TravisCI Sequelize Redux Contentful
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Fun Fact #3: Jarred has always wanted to build his own working robot. He has been a tinkerer and maker for quite some time. He recently picked up his new pal and programmable robot Vector by Anki to learn Python. Who knows he may be as cool as me one day!


Photography portfolios need to be stylish, fast, and have interactivity. Something that can keep the user coming back for more. That is why I chose to build this website using React and Redux with Contentful as the API driven blog engine. This allows for complete customization.

github repo link
React Redux Javascript Node.JS Bootstrap Contentful React-Markdown Moment.JS Disqus React-Photo-Gallery NPM

Accessibility Lending Library
Note: Short pause as app loads on Heroku for 1st time.

The Accessibility Lending Library is a community based website that houses products that have been reviewed from university sources and occupational therapists that are accessible friendly. Not only is it a database of information, it allows users to add reviews and learn how to modify products of their own, learn where to purchase them, or rent one from a local Accessiblity Lending Library.

github repo link
React Javascript Node.JS Bootstrap MongoDB Handlebars Mongoose Chart.JS React Passport Express NPM BCrypt Heroku Axios Accessibility

Note: Short pause as app loads on Heroku for 1st time.


One of the biggest problems in managing personal health is rooted in how difficult it is to track and correlate what is really going on. We can’t understand what is really happening in the 4th dimension, meaning time. When a symptom or health issue occurs, we cannot recall what was eaten, where we were, etc., let alone some of the more nuanced influences, such as weather conditions, pollen count or a myriad of other factors going on at the time. Welcome to MedSight!

github repo link
Javascript Node.JS Bootstrap MySQL Handlebars Sequelize Moment.JS AoS Express NPM Plotly.JS/D3 API (Accuweather)

The Weekender

Planning a weekend getaway? The Weekender allows users to pull all the information needed for a weekend trip with one simple location-based submission in this web application.

github repo link
Javascript Bootstrap Firebase Moment.JS AoS API (Google) API (Zomato) API (Hiking Project) API (DarkSky) API (Meetup) HTML CSS

Love retro video games? Think you remember all those fun details and want to put your video game trivia knowledge to the test? Then give it a whirl and see what top score you can get!! SEGAAAAAAAA

github repo link
Javascript Bootstrap HTML CSS

Holiday Decor Scraper
Note: Short pause as app loads on Heroku for 1st time.

Holiday Decor Scraper

A MongoDB backed Cheerio web scrapper sample application designed to help a community keep track of holiday decor articles as well as leave and manage notes. The app is hosted on heroku and helps encourage the collabrative holiday decorating cheer!

github repo link
Javascript Node.JS Express MongoDB Mongoose Handlebars Bootstrap Cheerio Axios Yarn NPM HTML CSS

Dream Shake
Note: Short pause as app loads on Heroku for 1st time.

Dream Shake

A sample Heroku app using MySQL, Handlebars and Node.JS. In this application, users can submit your favorite ideas for a milkshake and devour it when ready! The MySQL database keeps track of all submissions. Give it a go!

github repo link
Javascript Node.JS NPM MySQL Handlebars Express HTML CSS

Auto Watering Garden

An Arduino based auto-watering garden. The system utilized a nested loop to check for humidity and sunlight when watering plants, identifying the ideal soil moisture level to prevent burning or over watering. If conditions are met, a solenoid is triggered for a period of time and voila! Your plants are watered!

Arduino C/C++ IoT Electronics Sensors

Firebase Train Scheduler

This is a sample application built to demo Firebase. The functionality provides a real-time display scheduling notepad tracker. Users can enter their train name, destination, the typical start time, alongside the train’s frequency; what users get back is all that data saved in addition to the next train’s arrival time, as well as the minutes remaining. This would be useful for those seeking to map their train schedule for the day and recall it automatically from the cloud without having to worry about storing the data.

github repo link
Javascript BootStrap Moment.JS Firebase HTML CSS

Cascade Store App

Cascade is a Node.JS-based shopping market that allows for customer, manager, and supervisor interactions via a MySQL database.

github repo link

Rick and Morty RPG

In this role-playing game, the user battles some of the many characters in the hit TV-series, Rick and Morty. Choose your character carefully; if you choose the wrong one you won’t be able to defeat them all! The now-ruined punchline and plot is: in order to win you must defeat them all!

github repo link
Javascript Bootstrap HTML CSS


LIRI Bot is a Node.JS Language Input Robot Interface (LIRI) that receives language commands and runs a function with an attached API call. This current robot can do a myriad of things, and has four commands to start: Spotify-this, movie-this, concert-this, and do-what-it-says. Please feel free to give it a try!

github repo link
Node.JS API (Spotify) API (OMDB) API (Bands In Town) NPM

Educational Gravity Garden

The Educational Gravity Garden (EGG) is an overzealous way to water your plants. This video provides an overview of all the components one would find at a local makerspace that can then be used to create educational platforms. This demo utilizes 3D printed components designed in CAD, and multiple sensors that are connected to an Intel® Edison module.

video link
Arduino C/C++ Edison Sensors IoT 3D Printing CAD Laser Cutting


In this API driven app, users can make their own custom gif board based on food! In order to utilize the app, users enter a quantity and food item type, and simply click submit! Once completed, buttons will add to the display; users only need to click them to generate the chosen number of gifs. Have fun with it!

github repo link
Javascript Bootstrap API (Giphy) HTML CSS
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Fun Fact #4: Jarred isn't just a fan of nature, he also happens to have just moved to the Pacific North West; Seattle. Technology, evergreens and mountain views abound!


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